About the Service

For this service please do the following:

  1. Activate service "Data transfering/GPRS".
    • to activate this service, enter the code 903 on your phone(in manual mode, enter *146 *903 *) and press "Call" button. The service is activated.
    • to deactivate this service, enter the same code 903 (or *146 *903 *) and press "Call" button. The service is deactivated.
    • "Data transfering/GPRS" service can be activated or deactivated in your personal office on our Internet websitegreenline168.com
    • in section "Edit" tick or tick off the "GPRS" service.
  2. To setup your phone:
    • APN: travel.lv
    • User name: leave empty.
    • Password: leave empty.
  3. To use your phone as a modem:
    • SMTP server setup: mail.travelgprs.com

* please check whether your phone supports data transfering service before connecting the service.

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