How to Send SMS?

  • You can send an SMS in two different ways: from you mobile phone in the usual mode or from the SIM Menu supplement “Send SMS”.
  • In order to send an SMS from the SIM Menu supplement, select Menu > SIM Menu > Send SMS. Enter the destination number you are going to send the SMS to into the “Enter Destination Number” field and press “ОК”. Enter the text into the “Enter Message” field and press “ОК”.
  • You will receive SMS messages in the same way you normally do on your mobile phone, except for the following:
    SMS messages may be received by you only to your GreenLine main subscription number (see details in the next paragraph “How to Learn Connection Number”). Your main subscription number in the list of connection numbers, called with the help of SMS Menu (see details in the next paragraph “How to Learn Connection Number”, p.1 and p.2), will be always indicated with the remark – “SMS”.
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