How to Get Connected

Getting connected to GreenLine is very easy – the whole procedure consists of two simple steps:

  1. Acquisition of SIM card.
  2. Registration on GreenLine website.

You may acquire GreenLine SIM card individually or you may order SIM cards for your company’s staff members via our online shop or at official dealer of GreenLine company. In case when SIM card is purchased in online shop, its delivery is carried out by courier in the shortest possible time. If courier delivery is not possible, SIM cards shall be sent by post.

After acquisition of SIM card you and/or your staff members shall have to get registered on GreenLine website.

The following information shall be indicated at registration:

  • First name – actual given name of GreenLine SIM card holder.
  • Last name – surname of GreenLine SIM card holder.
  • Password – necessary for access to Personal Room. Password should be thought out by your own but we advise to use password consisting not only of letters but also of numbers. We strongly recommend not to use as a password the nouns, verbs, adverbs, participles, gerunds, proper nouns, geographical names, names of animals etc. Best of all is to create password of mixed letters and numbers without any logical sense: then it will be impossible to crack it by search of words.
  • Password confirmation – necessary for making sure that the password is remembered correctly.
  • Contact information – contains full residence address and contact phone (home, job, mobile or other) of GreenLine SIM card holder. Contact information should be 100% true since an invoice shall be made basing on the presented contact data. Besides, contact information is used in payments of GreenLine bills via bank.
  • E-mail – (address of electronic mail) – used as a login (username) for entry into Personal Room and as a means of communication between representative of GreenLine company and holder of GreenLine SIM card. To the indicated address of electronic mail a message will come confirming the registration of GreenLine SIM card holder as well as the invoice.

When all boxes are filled out, you will have to get acquainted with the Requirements of Registration. Acceptance of the agreement shall be carried out according to the public offer principle, that is the confirmation of your consent to Requirements of Registration on GreenLine website shall mean that you understand them and accept unconditionally.

Information delivered by you at registration on GreenLine website is strictly confidential and it may not be disclosed under whatever circumstances (except cases provided for by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

After registration a message with a link will arrive at electronic mail address indicated by you. You should follow this link to complete the registration. Invoice from Greenlinetoursgroups company will as well arrive at this electronic mail address.

If you wish to have more information about registration on GreenLine website, please use the feedback form or send a message at electronic mail address

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