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Please carefully read these instructions (hereinafter referred to as “the Instructions”) for use of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”: a collection of information al resources, means of management and receipt of various services posted on the Internet at the address The Website is owned and administered by “Greenlinetoursgroups”, hereinafter referred to as СМ, legal address: 67 Kurmangazy Street, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The present Instructions establish relationships (mutual relations, rights, liabilities and responsibility) between СМ and private person (natural and legal persons), hereinafter referred to as the User, which arise in the process of utilization of the Website resources by the User.

Registration of the User on the Website is considered as a complete and final consent of the User to the present Instructions.

The Instructions are subject to changes at CM discretion. The changes shall only be effective if posted on the Website. Posting such changes on the Website replaces sending information on changes to every visitor of the Website. CM shall not guarantee to the visitors an interrupted or unmistakable Access to the Website. CM retains the right at any time to bring changes therein or into its content as well as at any time to restrict free access to the Website. CM shall not guarantee absolute precision of information available on the Website (except information about tariffs and services provided by CM).

Specimens of documents posted on the Website are only informative. Use of information contained on the Website shall not constitute legal relations between CM and the Website visitor. Any legal relations between CM and the Website visitor arise only when the Website visitor fills out relevant forms necessary to receive goods and services provided by CM or performs certain actions according to special rules on receipt of goods and rendering of services or when the parties sign a separate agreement on use of particular CM service.

The User is barred from distributing to third persons his identification data used for access to the Website resources. The User is fully responsible for safety of his identification data an damages the User may incur in case of their unauthorized use.

CM is not responsible for damages of the User having arisen through unauthorized access of third persons to identification data of the User except cases when such unauthorized access became possible as a result of violation by CM of laws and other standard acts governing the procedure of storage and processing of identification data of the User.

The Website may contain references to websites owned or administrated by third persons. CM is not responsible for any information or service offered on websites owned or administrated by third persons.

The authoring contained on the Website, including, but not limited to, graphics, text, information included in the Website, design of the Website, audio and/or visual design, is intellectual property and subject matter of copyright of CM. Full or partial copying, transfer, reproduction, storage or other public use of the Website is prohibited, except cases when a written consent of CM is obtained. Said prohibition does not apply to cases when information contained on the Website is downloaded, demonstrated or printed out for personal and non-commercial use.

Reference to documents publicly available on the Website is allowable provided the source of information is indicated. Publishing, reproduction, distribution or other use of trademarks contained on the Website without written consent of CM is prohibited. The present Instructions are applicable according to laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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